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About Us

The Bliss Hair Story

Bliss Hair  originated in View Park, California and affectionately known as the "Rolls Royce"  hair in the "Yellow House".   We relocated to Redondo Beach California in 2011 and  strive to provide the best  hair to our unique clients.   Our factory/vendor in India is dedicated in providing Bliss with excellent service and only the highest quality of hair.



Looking for the BEST HUMAN HAIR?

 We import our hair directly from India . Bliss Hair is 100%  Indian Cuticle Virgin  hair.   The cuticles all run in the same direction, the natural property of healthy hair. Bliss’s non-processed virgin hair maintains its feel and lustre because it is not altered .

It is 


Bliss hair is never  processed so our hair can be pressed, colored, curled or flat ironed to achieve your hair style goal. In addition, 

Bliss Indian Hair comes in various textures such as wavy, curly, loose wavy and very tight curl to have that "Natural" look you want.

Bliss hair can be re-used many times over, and should be considered as an INVESTMENT. is not 'throw-away" hair.  Instead of purchasing hair each time you get your hair redone, just re-use your Bliss hair. In the long run you will save a lot of money on hair purchases, and you will always look amazing.

Please note:  Each piece of Bliss Hair is from an actual person in India... the curl patterns are not created by perming rods...   therefore the curl patterns vary just like your own hair... Bliss matches the hair texture and curl patterns as closely as possible for each client.  We will send pictures of your order via text or email, if requested, for your confirmation prior to sending.

Bliss Hair Products and Supplies

Shampoo, Conditioner, Roopas Pre-Wash Santhis Hair Nectar

Hackle Brush, Silky Hair Caps

Custom Wigs


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